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Tea Packing

We have tea blending and packing equipment that is already entrusted with the contract packing of some of the biggest herbal tea brands in Southern Africa.

In house Pharmacists and Food Technologists and our on-site testing and stability laboratory enable us to guarantee that the highest quality standards are applied to every order, while strong operational systems and cutting edge software result in your products having a clear and well documented traceablility.

Our efficient quality and operational standards are well balanced by a decade of experience in the herbal tea market and a passion for blending and producing the perfect cup of tea. We have worked with European flavouring experts and have been able to uniquely combine European blending and flavouring techniques and equipment, with our home grown knowledge of our indigenous teas to develop exciting and novel herbal tea products.

Rooibos whole leaf

We have a range of blending, filling and tea-bagging equipment that enables us to pack tea in all its most popular forms and in a variety of blends and fill weights.

As an ethical contract packer of organic certified Rooibos tea and other dry food and tea products, we have developed and formulated tea ranges and products for some of the best selling tea ranges on the continent.

By combining our market knowledge with our blending and flavouring skills we have enabled our clients to gain and sustain important market share, and ensured that thousands of tea drinkers are able to enjoy products of a superior quality.

If you are launching a new product range, or building your existing brand, our strong links to ethical, high quality organic tea producers mean that the products we pack contain only raw materials of the best quality, enabling you to confidently launch and sell your brand into a discerning market. Click here for more information about your private label.

Organic tea categories developed by Biodelta

Organic Baby and Childrens Tea
Rooibos (Red Bush) tea has fortified South African infants and children for generations. Organically grown, caffeine free, stimulant free, colorant free, preservative free, low in tannin. rich in minerals and vitamins, and with 50 times the anti-oxidant properties of green tea, it is an ideal compliment to fruit juices products and a healthy addition to dairy. It's time to share in the magic.

Baby's can be introduced to Rooibos (Red Bush) as soon as they move onto fruit juices and dairy products. It is a tasty and healthy addition to any milk bottles and can also be enjoyed on it's own as a mild herbal tea or mixed with a favorite fruit juice. Because it is low in tannins it is not bitter and has no need of sweeteners. It has a characteristic and pleasant fruity flavour. Rooibos (Red Bush) is known to aid digestion, help relieve colic and stomach cramps, help with allergies, hay fever and asthma and it is rich in minerals and vitamins.

Rooibos (Red Bush) also has mild natural antiseptic properties and is a helpful aid for nappy rash and eczema. It can be used as a wipe during nappy changes and is a natural and effective aid when bathed in. (Add two teabags to a small bath). Click here for more.

Organic for Mothers
Rooibos (Red Bush) is even good for expectant and breastfeeding mothers. Because it is caffeine free it can be used throughout your pregnancy and during breastfeeding. In fact the vitamins and minerals are very beneficial to pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, and because Rooibos (Red Bush) helps with the absorption of iron it is a natural aid to breastfeeding mothers who may suffer from anemia. Clicks here for more.

The following (Organic) Tea blends are packed at our facility:

- Pure Rooibos tea
- Blended/flavoured Rooibos tea
- (Instant) Chai tea
- Honeybush tea
- Green tea
- Chamomile tea
- Peppermint tea
- Green gunpowder lemon & mint
- Black Tea 

Rooibos Chamomile
Rooibos and Chamomile blend