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African herbal teas

Our African herbal teas are developed by using ingredients that are traditionally home grown in Southern Africa. As base product we've used Organic Rooibos which is only available in a select area in the Western Cape in South Africa. Rooibos has excellent anti-oxidant properties and gives a lovely taste and aroma to the tea blend.

In the African herbal teas we use the following Southern African ingredients: Hoodia Gordonii, Pelargonium, Sutherlandia, Sceletium, African Ginger, Buchu, Devil's Claw, Olive leaf extract, St. Johns wort, Warburgia and Gingko Biloba.

The African herbal tea range consists of: Blood cleanser tea, detox tea, Digestive aid tea, Weightloss tea, Immune tea, Anti-anxiety tea, Anti-pain tea, Anti-depressant tea, Appetite suppressant tea and an Urine tract support tea.