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Get a little help from nature!

Herbal Forest tea is a refreshing, aromatic and clean tasting tea, it is indicated for the relief of occasional constipation. We have developed two delicious flavours of Herbal Forest tea:

- Regular; Rooibos, senna and cinnamon and
- Lemon/lime; Rooibos, senna, lemon and lime

Each flavour has 20 x 2.5g teabags containing:
Senna leaf equivalent to 27,81mg sennoside B.     

Herbal forest tea lemon/lime   

Digestive disorder

Constipation occurs when stools become hardened and difficult to pass. It can be accompanied by cramping, rectal pain and small amounts of bright red blood on the stool. Constipation is commonly caused by a diet lacking in fibre and/or water. Constipation is commonly caused by a diet lacking in fibre and/or water. Home treatment paired with preventative measures provides relief in most cases. About five to 10% of children suffer from constipation.

Please note that Herbal Forest tea should NOT be used by pregnant woman or anybody that suffers from stomach and duodenal ulcers.